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C.O.P. The Color of Power takes place over four decades, from the 1960s to 2020, in the western portion of the United States. The storyline depicts the primary character, Ty (Tyrone Washington), and his journey to become a police officer in America. The trials and tribulations of this journey are complex, intense, and rewarding. The true tribulation is that Ty is Black, and that fact adds an extra layer of complexity to his journey.

The 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s were turbulent and revolutionary times, as evident by events like the protests in Selma, Detroit, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and many other American cities. The assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; President Kennedy; and his brother, attorney general Robert Kennedy, sent America into a social civil war. These historically significant events had a direct influence on the book’s leading character, Tyrone. Career desires flashed through his mind, and until he focused on his final choices—first a police officer and then an army soldier, lawyer, or maybe college professor—these were lofty dreams for any young person in America, especially for an African American.

This story may stir emotions regarding the social and political phenomenon known in America as racism; yes, this social disease still exists in the twenty-first century. The Color of Power will provide all readers with social insight, relief, and a better understanding of the symbolism of power and race in America. Enjoy Tyrone Washington’s American journey to success and the rich lessons illustrated throughout his travels.